Development Portfolio


The Register and Schedule plugins provide customized user registration with member grouping, online payment, and scheduling. The software was first implemented for OGHA News. The publicly-viewable team schedule and coach contact list offer a look at the plugins.


The software is available as a RAR download or ZIP file. As well, a sample of the design and development process is provided via a partially-populated wiki.


The development of these plugins demonstrates prowess in the following areas:


  • PHP: The plugins are written in PHP and extend the Geeklog CMS framework. lib-jems.php is a library of data access and manipulation functions.
  • MySQL: The underlying database structure comprises 25+ tables. The data layout is designed to 3NF. Table structures are available in register/admin/sql and schedule/admin/sql.
  • HTML: The UI for the Register and Schedule plugins uses HTML templates. These are in register/templates and schedule/templates. They have .thtml extensions.
  • CSS: The sites using these plugins have been customized from generic Geeklog themes. Most of the changes were made in the file style.css.
  • JavaScript: The plugins use JavaScript for file exports and dynamically-selected list items. A sample use is in register/admin/index.php.
  • Third-Party Integration: Registration includes online payment using PayPal. User accounts are automatically updated via register/admin/payment.php.


If you would like more information, please contact Janet Jansen.